Which are the best COLD WALLETS?


Which are the best COLD WALLETS?

Hi guys! Today we will talk about the best cold wallets:


A cryptocurrency wallet is an element that allows you to store your cryptographic assets.


A cold wallet, technically, is not a wallet. We explain: A cold wallet allows us to protect our cryptos (stored on the blockchain) through cryptographic keys that the investor needs to access his stock of cryptoassets and transact with them on the internet. A cold wallet is a hardware device that stores the user’s crypto address, along with that and private key, essential to prove that the investor really owns cryptocurrencies. These tools only connect to the Internet when the user wants to use the cryptographic assets.


Trezor model T

Belonging to the second generation of hardware wallets, Trezor Model T is a very easy to use security device, this small hardware allows you to be one step ahead in security. Trezor One is compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS. It allows you to create standard recovery seeds (BIP32 / 39/44), which means that you can recover your entire wallet by simply using the 12-word recovery seed if you lose your device. Trezor Model T comes with:

  • 1x Trezor Model T
  • 1x Model T magnetic dock
  • 1x USB-C cable
  • 2x Seed recovery cards
  • Stickers

Keep Key

Compatible con Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Namecoin, Dogecoin y DASH. Cryptos can be changed directly on the device thanks to Shapeshift. It is very easy to use, probably the easiest to use. It can only be used via USB. It has a high level of security against viruses and malware attacks. Keep Key comes with:

  • 1x KeepKey
  • 1x USB cable (woven nylon)
  • 1x backup card for recovery purposes

Ledger Nano X

You can manage your cryptos through the Ledger Live app, it has a capacity of more than 30 cryptocurrencies, either Bitcoin or Altcoins, it allows connection with devices via Bluetooth or USB. Ledger Nano Xcomes with:

  • 1x Ledger Nano X
  • 1x Cable USB
  • 1x Instruction booklet
  • 1x Recovery sheet for your private key

SafePal S1

SafePal is a relatively new option in the hardware wallet market. Backed by Binance Labs, Trust Wallet and Litecoin Foundation, SafePal is an affordable and portable cold storage alternative. It offers several new features, such as a camera for scanning QR codes. SafePal’s compatibility with smartphones and the absence of cables facilitate portability and make it suitable for on-the-go use. The main problem with Safepal is that it is quite fragile, so great care must be taken during use. Safepal S1 comes with:

  • 1x SafePal S1
  • 1x Cable USB-A a Micro-USB
  • 3x Recovery sheets
  • Stickers
  • 1x Quick start guide
  • 1x Cleaning cloth

Thanks for reading us! These are, for us, the best options on the market. Do you know of any other interesting ones? Comment here or through social networks and we will update the post if we consider it positively. Remember that if you have any doubt about a crypto term, you can consult our Crypto Dictionary. We’ll read each other here and on the web, thanks!

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