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We are currently immersed in major changes at all levels, economic, social and, above all, technological. As far as technology is concerned, today we are facing a unique scenario in history, and for the first time, society is overwhelmed in terms of solutions and their adaptation to them.
Technologies such asIOT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning are clear examples of the new paradigm we are facing. In a consumer-based society such as the one in which we live, disruptive technologies are of vital importance to achieve its correct progression.

Digital transformation in industry 4.0 and blockchain

The industry, as well as society, is in a phase of full change and adapting to all the technology mentioned above. Collaborative robotics or machine communication within the same plant, for example, is being accommodated. All this change in industrial production is known as the 4th industrial revolution or industry 4.0. Thus, we can say that industry 4.0 is the digitalization of all industrial processes.

How blockchain is already an important part of this industrial change

An important role in this section is Blockchaintechnology and Smart Contracts   (you can take a look at our Crypto Dictionary here) and as such, blockchain technology will be about strengthening the capabilities of Industry 4.0 , making it more collaborative and secure. Thus, when we talk about Blockchain, we are not only talking about the cryptouniverse as such, but about a technology that is applicable to many areas of our lives and that is already leading the way to what a digitized society should be.

What blockchain brings to the industry

In terms of the industrial arena, blockchain technology has the ability to alter and impact resource production. Thus giving way to better traceability, speed and safety. And thus, in this way, achieve smart, connected and safe factories.

Blockchain technology applied to industry allows, among other things, unalterable product traceability throughout the production chain. From the beginning as raw material until practically the delivery to the final customer.  Cases such as IBM and the shipping company Maersk, which each year transports 250 million tons, much of it fresh produce, and thanks to blockchain technology can keep all its containers and their status under control in real time.

Smart contracts at the service of Industry 4.0

We should pay a lot of attention to what a Smart Contract within the blockchain can bring to the ecosystem. These contracts would operate automatically and autonomously, allowing the machines themselves to make decisions based on conditions agreed and programmed in advance, thus avoiding intermediaries.
In this way, other important factors that blockchain technology offers to the industry are: reduction of costs, delays, errors and reducing the impact of fraud, to name a few.

We are on the verge of this great change that, little by little, is beginning to materialize in the factories. The future is digital and, as such, we must adapt to this great change.

Many thanks to Iñaki for his collaboration. You can find his LinkedIN here. We hope to see you soon!

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