FromWE FINANCE, which club defines decentralized finance we are fully committed to our community, to look for those unique, disruptive projects, with real and transparent use cases, that offer not only a possible high profitability to our holders, but also, to become a key partner in those projects in which we invest, so that they advance and develop each of the actions of their roadmaps.

What kind of projects do we invest in?

Remember that only those projects based on blockchain technology and all the digital assets that its ecosystem integrates will be eligible to receive investment from our decentralized finance club. Our main lines of investment at present are:

  1. Cryptocurrencies:Trading investments, liquidity pools, pre-sales, yield farming, staking, arbitrage, automated bots, ICOs IDOs, IFOs, IEOs, tokens, DAOs, wrapped tokens (wrapped tokens), derivatives markets, seed sales and dAPPs (decentralized applications).
  2. Blockchains:We make investments in blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Polkadot, Fantom, Cardano, Cosmos, Tron or EOS, among others, depending on the best projects within each network.
  3. NFT assets:(non-fungible tokens): Acquisition of collectibles, digital artwork, fashion, e-sports, virtual game objects, properties in metaverses or digital identity, among others.

What are the steps to be eligible for investment by WE FINANCE?

Read to the end of the text on this page where our project selectioncriteria are listed.

  1. Please fill out the investment applicationform on our website www.wefinance.club. . Remember that the request for investment by other means will not be admitted.
  2. Our investment team will perform a preliminary analysis on the data you have filled in the application questionnaire. We will get back to you within 7 working days on the status of your process.
  3. Projects that advance beyond the preliminary analysis process will move on to the in-depth analysis phase. The project, according to the project, technical and fundamental analysis, meeting with the promoter team, profitability vs. risk, etc. We will respond within a maximum of 14 working days as to whether or not you have moved on to the next phase.
  4. Projects that pass the in-depth analysis will be proposed to our community, depending on WE FINANCE’s governance system at the time.

How do we decide which projects to invest in?

Preliminary analysis phase

In general terms, we base our decisions as to whether or not a project advances to the next phase of study on the following parameters:

  1. Profile of the promoter team and collaborators.
  2. Real use cases of the project.
  3. Security (Smart-contracts, wallet blocking, protocols, etc).
  4. Tokenomics, business model and operation of the project and/or its ecosystem.
  5. Competitors and their value proposition.

In-depth analysis phase

En esta fase el equipo de analistas de WE FINANCE, se centrarán en los siguientes aspectos: 

  1. We will go deeper into the actions of the preliminary analysis.
  2. We will perform technical and fundamental analysis.
  3. We will check the economic, legal and technological feasibility of the project.
  4. We will analyze your marketing and advertising strategy.

WE FINANCE community vote

Having a DAIO philosophy (acronym from the English word, Decentralized autonomous investment organization) all our decisions, as a decentralized finance club, are taken in a transparent way according to the result of the votes that are launched to our community of holders on https://snapshot.org/#/, which are adopted through our governance system (you can learn more about its process by reading our White Paper here. Depending on the result, we will inform you whether or not to invest in your project.

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